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Working Papers

Sinclair, J. 2015. Fund Managers' Use of Discretion in Time-Constrained Capital Reallocation Decisions

Sinclair, J. 2014. Past Performance and Changes in Local Bias.

Sinclair, J. 2014. Does Sentiment Improve Market Efficiency? The Role of Conditional Market Participation on the Relationship between Sentiment and Asset Prices.

Comprix, J., K. Muller, and J. Sinclair. 2013. Mandatory Accounting Requirements and Demand for Big Four Auditors: Evidence from IFRS Adoption in the EU.


Work in Process

Sinclair, J. 2014. Do Existing Shareholders and Potential Investors Share a Similar Trading Decision Calculus? [Data Analysis Stage]

Sinclair, J. and J. Vincent. 2013. Does Investor Relocation Affect the Covariance Structure of Underlying Security Returns? [Data Collection Stage]

Sinclair, J. 2014. An Examination of Teaching Effectiveness of Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure Track Accounting Instructors. [Data Analysis Stage].

Sinclair, J. 2014. Student Evaluations on RateMyProfessor.com. [Data Analysis Stage]


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AEM 2210: Financial Accounting

AEM 3230: Managerial Accounting

AEM 4521: Cost Accounting

Current Research Projects

Ownership Links and Predictable Returns

Does Sentiment Improve Price Efficiency?

Past Performance and Local Bias

Mandatory Accounting Requirement and Demand for Big Four Auditors

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