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Assistant Professor of Accounting
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Georgetown University (2015 - Present)

UG In-class ACCT 102: Managerial Accounting
MBA In-class ACCT 550: Analysis and Reporting of Financial Information
MBA In-class ACCT 556: Analyzing Earnings Quality
MBA In-class BADM 735: Information-Based Investment Strategies


University of Connecticut(2011 - 2015)

MSA Online ACCT 5894: Accounting-Based Valuation
MSA Online ACCT 5535: Global Financial Reporting and Analysis
MSA In-class ACCT 5505: Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional
UG/GR In-class ACCT 4204: Fin Statement Analysis & Business Valuation
UG In-class ACCT 2101: Principles of Managerial Accounting


Pennsylvania State University (2006 - 2011)

UG In-class ACCT 472: Intermediate Financial Accounting II
UG In-class ACCT 471: Intermediate Financial Accounting I
UG Hybrid ACCT 211: Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting

Student Comments

  • Very knowledgeable professor. Willing to answer all questions. I really enjoyed his lectures, and I thought Professor Sinclair did a great job of mixing the lecture with the in-class projects for students to work on to learn the info-based investment strategies databases on WRDS.
  • I thought Professor Sinclair was very knowledgeable, passionate, and researched on this subject. He was able to answer a wide variety of questions.
  • Professor Sinclair bring a lot of energy and insight to the classroom. I have greatly enjoyed this ILE.
  • Very knowledgeable and able to extract information from students through though-provoking questions in a somewhat Socratic method.
  • Professor Sinclair is knowledgeable of the subject matter and is very good at clearly communicating the subject matter. He provides his slides before class which makes it very easy for students to follow along. Also, he is extremely knowledgeable of the various resources that can be used to make investment decision. I am happy I took the class and recommend the Business School offer it again.
  • I liked the professor, he does a good job of engaging students in the class rather than lecturing for 3 consecutive hours.
  • Really enjoyed the discussions, thought each class was very well prepared.
  • Professor Sinclair was extremely engaging with accounting content that is not always easy to be interested in. I would have liked to have understood a bit more about accounting fundamentals prior to taking Prof. Sinclair's class because sometimes I felt we discussed accounting principals from a strategic perspective before I understood the baseline concepts.
  • Prof Sinclair has an energy that makes account class exciting... and that's really hard to do. Class wasn't just focused on memorizing accounting rules: we were constantly asked to think about how the information will influence our decisions as managers. This class was excellent and I hope that I have an opportunity to have Prof Sinclair again.
  • Prof Sinclair was an amazing instructor. He had so much energy and enthusiasm for the topic, which helped to make a boring topic thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Prof. Sinclair deserves a ton of credit in this course--four of our six meetings were hampered by either snow or sauna-like conditions in the classroom-- but he made an effort to present the material as clearly and as conveniently as he could. He was consistently engaged and excited about the material and actually made accounting, dare I say, interesting. He's a great professor and clearly cares a lot about what he does. (And Prof. Sinclair, if you ever noticed of us with sour looks in the back rows, it was the heat, not your lectures!).
  • Professor Sinclair made the class consistently interesting, even for a subject that was not my favorite. He was always prepared and enthusiastic.
  • Professor Sinclair was great. He brought energy and enthusiasm throughout the semester, which was extremely helpful for someone who may not find accounting to be the most stimulating subject. I think his framing of the class worked well, asking the members of the cohort to think at a macro level, beyond the simple transactions.
  • My overall evaluation of the instructor is very high, especially for an Accounting professor. Accounting is not easy to teach and about 90% of students end up hating the Accounting class because they do not understand the materials. That being said, I heard good things from fellow students about Prof. Sinclair. He was engaging and exciting which helped with what can be at times boring material. He was very competent and well prepared for class. You can tell he has an advanced knowledge of Accounting yet taught at our level.
  • Professor Sinclair did an outstanding job in teaching this course. He was systematic with his presentations, going over the problems, and how it plays an effect in a real-word setting. The structure was very good.
  • Great Professor!
  • Professor Sinclair was great, he has a true passion for accounting, which made the class far more interesting than previous accounting courses. He was always accessible and willing to help and answer questions. The final exam was very representative of what we did in the class and though challenging was very fair. Overall, Professor Sinclair was a fantastic professor and I wish he taught all of the accounting courses we had to take.
  • Dr Sinclair was a fantastic accounting professor in my opinion. He kept the class engaged and it never felt like the material was getting to dry because he related it to real world examples and scenarios. Unlike some of the other classes I have had at MSB, I fully believe I received my tuition's worth of education with this class. My only disappointment is that this course was only 1.5 credit as it is worthy of a full semester's class!
  • Prof. Sinclair made what could have been "simply a prerequisite" relevant and interesting.
  • Very enthusiastic! His exams were very fair, which I really appreciated.
  • Prof Sinclair did an excellent job at engaging the class and making the course material interesting and fun!
  • Sinclar is a very knowledgeable professor and really takes his classes to the next level by encouraging his students to "think like managers" with scenarios such as "how would you explain this to an auditor" or "would this negatively impact your shareholders". I found this method of learning extremely valuable. Sinclair is also very obviously passionate about this area and tries to bring as much excitement into the classroom as anyone can with dry accounting material. I also appreciate the good balance between between lecture material/current events and thinking creatively
  • Embraces an historically boring topic in an engaging way.
  • The professor was extremely professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This was even more commendable as accounting is fairly dry and difficult material. The professor clearly cared about the students and took his teaching very seriously.
  • Professor Sinclair was always well prepared for class and made a notoriously boring subject like Accounting as interesting as it possibly could be.
  • Professor Sinclair is very knowledgeable in the course material and well prepared himself for every lecture. His lecture is very applicable and interesting for MBA students who looks to practice the accounting knowledge in real life situations.
  • This course was challenging and very rewarding. I am proud of my grade!
  • It's been a pleasure taking the course this semester, I think it's been one of the more stimulating and informative classes I've taken thus far.
  • I would have never thought there would be a day that I would be this excited to see a C+. THANK YOU!!!
  • Now that it is officially over, I just wanted to thank you for what was overall a great and challenging course! I cannot believe it is over already! I hope you have a great spring.
  • Thank you! I have never struggled more in a class than this one, but it feels so good to have worked so hard for a B. This is the best B that I have ever received. Although there were times that I was frustrated, I think this course was a true Masters Degree level course, and in the end was really worth the time and effort. Thank you for the experience!
  • Awesome professor. Best in 4 semesters here at UConn. Related to class very well. Phenomenal teaching techniques.
  • Great guy! I suggest you give him a raise.
  • Awesome dude!
  • You probably already know this thanks to your teacher evaluations but you were an outstanding teacher. You covered all the material excellently and I couldn't have asked for a better class. Honestly, every day I sat in class and had you as an example of what a quality accountant acts like, it made me feel like I made the right choice choosing an accounting major and planning on becoming a CPA. I believe I've already told you this, but I think it is unfortunate (at least for me) that you aren't teaching next year. I would have enjoyed another quality class with you.
  • Thank you for a great semester. It has truly been a pleasure and I am happy to have been a part of your first year at UConn. Although UConn is a large university, there are those professors who go the extra mile to not only teach their students, but get to know each and every student. We no longer are a number but become a student with a name. You are definitely one of these professors and I appreciate that so much. It makes me so happy to have chosen such a great school and now working with the Accounting Department, I couldn't be happier working with such a great group of people. This university is truly unique and I am glad you can experience UConn and the School of Business. The Accounting Department is lucky to have you.


Over the years, students, parents, and collegues have written letters to express their gratitude, comment on the course, or nominate me for teaching awards. I have provided a few examples below:



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